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Many insurance companies provide coverage for testing and treatment of infertility, but understanding how insurance works in the world of fertility treatments can be time consuming. Each insurance carrier may have programs with infertility benefits, but these benefits can be modified depending on the group contract or your selected medical group. Because of this level of complexity, it is impossible to make any generalized statements about what benefits you may have.

When you are evaluating your infertility benefits, it is important to understand several distinctions. Insurance benefits may cover some or all of your diagnostic testing, treatment or medications. It is very common for insurance companies to cover diagnostic testing but not treatment. Treatment costs will be paid out of pocket so you will want to understand if there are any co-payments that must be made and if there are any limitations to your benefits.

We have prepared the following list of questions to help you in working with your insurance provider:

  1. Do I have coverage for an infertility consultation?
  2. Are diagnostic tests covered?
  3. Do I need a referral for these benefits?
  4. Is North Dallas IVF or Dr. Patel a network provider?
  5. Do my benefits extend to “out of network” providers?
  6. What treatments are covered?
  7. What medications are covered?
  8. What are my co-payments?

How We Can Help

Our staff will perform a verification of benefits and discuss the findings with you. We can try to give you reasonable estimates for treatment services based on the information obtained. We will not likely be able to give you an exact treatment estimate, as every contract is different and in most cases we are unable to know the amount to be paid by the insurance company until after the claims are submitted. We will do our best to give you the most accurate estimate possible and any additional inquiries should be directed to your insurance provider.

The North Dallas IVF Difference

We have insurance specialists on hand to answer your questions and work with you to develop a strategy to maximize your health benefits. Our experienced staff strives to utilize your insurance coverage to your advantage and provide guidance on the most cost effective approach.

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