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Our goal at North Dallas IVF is to provide options to individuals and couples in growing their families. Through our support and advances in assisted reproductive technology, we’re making it possible for many couples to fulfill their dreams of having a family. Our patients’ stories tell of the victories over infertility.

Couple’s Journey to Conception Ends and Begins at North Dallas IVF

For Shauna Casey and her husband Brice the road to conception has taken a number of turns, with the journey ending and then beginning again at North Dallas IVF.

At age 40, Shauna had already experienced the removal of fibroids, a miscarriage and many months of trying to conceive for a second time. Stressed and financially strapped, a work colleague recommended Shauna visit with infertility specialist Satin Patel, M.D., at North Dallas IVF. A meeting with Dr. Patel would mean an end to the anxiety brought on by failed pregnancy attempts and trying to budget for possible treatments.

North Dallas IVF Helps Family ‘Expand Its Horizons’

The possibility of infertility had never crossed Ed Garnier’s mind when he and his wife began trying to conceive. That is, until more than a year had gone by without success.

Ed’s wife, who was approaching 40 at the time, had an 18-year-old son from a previous marriage so the two assumed she was fertile. Ed’s primary physician encouraged him to have a male evaluation done, which turned up no issues. The couple then looked to North Dallas IVF for answers.

Infertility Story: Casie Jackson

At the age of 18, Casie Jackson began questioning whether she would someday have the ability to get pregnant. Her irregular menstrual cycles gave her concern but she kept her feelings of uneasiness to herself for years. Regular visits to her OB/GYN didn’t turn up anything unusual and the doctor never suggested testing.

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